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dnalife® Practitioner Training and Certification - US

Our dnalife practitioner training and certification courses have become increasingly popular over the last few years as more and more practitioners aspire to making use of genetic testing in their clinical practice. Each year we have scheduled more courses in more cities around the world and have found them oversubscribed! In 2018 we’re running more courses than ever. Sign up fast to the US course to secure your place and benefit from our early bird offer.

Our course prices include all 4 dnalife tests as well as an intensive 3 days of training by some of the world’s most inspiring nutrigenomics educators – an approach that means you can use your own DNA report as a focus for your studies during the course.

Our tests are developed according to rigorous scientific standards. A gene will only be included in a test panel if strong evidence exists for an interaction with the environment, and the effect of the gene variant is in some way modifiable through a nutritional or lifestyle intervention. These findings need to have been replicated in a minimum of three studies, and the results published in a peer reviewed journal. Complex as nutrigenomics is, our dnalife® Certification Programme is aimed at empowering the practitioner as how best to utilise the information gained from these tests.

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June 2019, USA, EARLY BIRD OFFER ENDS 1 May, 2019

Nordic Laboratories
This intensive 3 day course provides a comprehensive review of our cutting edge genetic tests , as well as the inclusion and discussion of cases in each profile.

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