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DNA Resilience is a genetic test that reports on the seven key molecular areas that have the greatest influence on resilience: cortisol, oxytocin, the neurotrophic pathway, neuropeptide Y, norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin. The report is able to determine an individuals’ genetic potential for resilience and provide ways in which intrinsic strengths can be amplified and existing weaknesses reduced. The action steps centre on highly individualised lifestyle strategies that leverage diet, targeted activity, environmental awareness, and nutritional supplements.

Given the hereditability of emotional regulation (30%), temperament (±56%) and cognitive aptitude (>99%), a critical knowledge and understanding of individual genetics and environmental influences can unlock exceptional resilience and a performance advantage regardless of circumstances.

Sign up for the DNA Resilience Online Certification Course, and become a certified DNA Resilience test practitioner, joining our global network of preferred providers for this first-of-a-kind genetic test.

Help combat the challenges brought on by the current set of socioeconomic conditions (global economic downturn, social isolation, health insecurity etc.) and the dire impact these have on our emotional, mental, and physical health.

This course is presented completely online in a user-friendly educational platform designed to make learning easy.

The course is divided into 6 comprehensive modules covering the following:

  • A brief overview of nutritional genomics and the science
  • The 7 molecular areas of resilience
    • The importance and impact of the molecular area on resilience
    • Evidence on the genes and SNPs associated with environmental stressors and resiliency
    • Science-based, actionable recommendations per gene with regards to diet, supplements, exercise and lifestyle support
  • Overview of the DNA Resilience report
  • A DNA Resilience case study

Before moving on to the next module, you must complete a quiz that will enable you to test your knowledge. You will also gain access to supporting scientific literature that is provided as recommended reading per module, and downloadable slides in PDF format, as well as practical tips to implement the recommendations. Please note that you will need to complete the quizzes within 3 months of commencing the course. The course content will be accessible for 1 year.

The course is self-paced and will be accessible from 13th July 2021. Please note that it may take 24-48 hours to gain access to the educational content once you have registered on the educational platform.

The educators:

Helen Gautschi, dnalife

Richard Sutton, SuttonHealth

"From surviving to thriving”

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